More About Deb & Dory



Please check out our collection which includes handcrafted Earrings made in faux leather or resin, Wooden Memorial Ornaments, Keychains offered in resin or acrylic, and much more soon to come!

In the Beginning:

Rob and Deborah Robinson started the business R & D Designs (later known as Deb & Dory) back in March of 2016.  The husband and wife team created personalized gifts using vinyl decals on various items for children, pets and adults, vehicle decals, t-shirts and more. While both of them kept their full-time jobs, the business was growing quickly. However, the task of keeping up with the demand was very overwhelming. They had to put R & D Designs on hold until the opportunity arose again: when COVID-19 hit the United States in March of 2019.

Because of Covid,  Deborah was furloughed from her job and funds became low. Both Rob and Deborah had to pull their creative minds together to come up with a better plan to bring R & D Designs back to life. The purchase of a GlowForge laser engraver created many new avenues of business for them. The sky was the limit! R & D Designs started coming back to life. Business started picking up while feeding  their creative juices!

Becoming Deb & Dory:

R & D Designs was a good business name to start off with, but it didn’t quite fit the vibe we were going for. The name just seemed too technical, or as Rob liked to call it, “Research and Development” type. Hence, the business name Deb & Dory was created to rebrand the business into something bigger and better! What better name than Rob’s two favorite beings: Deb and Dory their cleft palate puppy! Dory is a whole other story in itself. Let’s just say, that Dory was bottle raised since day 3 of her life, when all of the odds were against  her and the vet wanted to euthanize her. Rob and Deborah never ever gave up on Dory’s life and since then, she has beaten all of the odds against her. Dory’s strength and compassion to live is what gives Rob and Deborah the passion to make Deb & Dory a successful business to help create one of a kind, hand-crafted boutique items that will surely bring a smile to everyone!

 Be on the look out for new items being created on a daily basis; their creativity is endless! Visit our Growing collection!